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Terms and conditions for accessing Ask A Counsellor e-Service

  1. I am a currently enrolled ACU student.
  2. I am 18 years or older and have legal capacity.
  3. I understand that this is not a crisis service and acknowledge that I will not receive an immediate response to my question.
  4. I am aware that in the event of a crisis, I need to contact Lifeline or contact 000 for emergency assistance.
  5. I am seeking services specifically for my personal benefit and not undertaking research either for publication or for private use.
  6. I agree that the Ask A Counsellor e-Service provided by ACU will be deemed to take place in and be governed by the laws of New South Wales.
  7. I also agree that neither the Ask A Counsellor staff or ACU will be held responsible for direct or consequential loss due to internet service failures or computer malfunction.
  8. I accept that the Ask a Counsellor staff are not medical doctors and as such will not provide medical or psychiatric advice. No services provided by Ask a Counsellor will be construed as the practice of medicine or telemedicine.
  9. I agree that the Ask A Counsellor e-Service may choose to publish information that has been provided by me on the Ask A Counsellor e-Service webpages for the purposes of general psycho-educational information. I understand that the information published will be non-identifying and details may be changed to protect anonymity. I consent to information I provide to the Ask A Counsellor e-Service being used in a complete or edited version for this purpose.
  10. I understand that responses to emails will be provided by the on-duty staff member of the ACU Counselling Service.
  11. I am aware that there are limitations to communicating via email including the following: emails may not be received, confidentiality could be breached by hackers, ISPs, or others who are able to access your account. 
  12. I acknowledge that I am responsible for managing the security of my IT usage for example ensuring correct logout procedure prior to disconnecting, not providing my passwords to others, ensuring maximum security software updates are installed, encryption of emails if necessary.
  13. I understand and accept that the provision of this e-service is a new and less well-established type of service delivery. I understand and accept that no warranty as to the effectiveness of the Ask A Counsellor e-Service at ACU is either expressed or implied.
  14.  I understand that the Ask A Counsellor e-Service will be evaluated and, as such, I will be invited to complete a confidential survey.

Confidentiality and Records

  1. The Ask A Counsellor e-Service is staffed by registered psychologists and social workers employed by ACU and who are bound by professional codes of conduct.
  2. I understand that Ask A Counsellor keeps your personal information only accessible to staff of the ACU counselling service for the purposes of providing professional services.
  3. To provide a consistent, co-ordinated, quality service to students, The Counselling Service Records Management System includes information on all student contact with any activity delivered by the Counselling Service.
  4. All personal information gathered by the Ask A Counsellor during the provision of the psychological service will remain confidential and secure except where: a) It is subpoenaed by a court; or failure to disclose the information would place you or another person at serious and imminent risk; or b) You have provided written consent to provide information to another person. eg. a doctor or another staff member of ACU; c) if disclosure is otherwise required or authorised by law.
  5. Please be aware that the information provided by the Ask A Counsellor e-Service in the form of responses and communications to you is also confidential and may not be released by you in any form except with the express consent of the Ask A Counsellor e-Service.
  6. For further information about the Australian Catholic University Privacy Policy go to:
  7. If you wish to view information held about you in regards to the Ask A Counsellor e-Service, please contact the Manager Counselling  
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