SA - Application for Special Adjustment/s to Central Examinations (Online) form

Applications for Semester 2 2017 special adjustment are now open.

STOP - Special Adjustments are NOT available if:

  • it is less than 24 hours until your exam; or
  • you cannot attend exams on the days and times they are currently scheduled (due to illness or other commitments); or
  • you do not have medical documentation to verify your need for special adjustments.

    (In any of the above cases, you are not eligible for a Special Adjustment – but you may be eligible for a Deferred Examination.)

  • you have a current Education Inclusion Plan and the request for special adjustment relates to the disability/health condition documented in this plan; or
  • you have a long term health condition or disability, adjustments for which can be provided for in an Education Inclusion Plan developed by Disability Services.

    (In this case, you must arrange to meet with a Disability Advisor before the Wednesday of week 9.)

Does this application for special adjustments relate to a disability or health condition currently provided for in an Education Inclusion Plan from Disability Services? (required)

This form is used to apply for special adjustments for end of semester central examinations due to an unexpected temporary medical condition*.

Section A - Personal Details

Student ID (required)
Family Name (required)
Given Name/s (required)
Course (required)
Campus (required)
Telephone (Business Hours) (Please enter the number without spaces.)
Mobile Number (Please enter the number without spaces.)
ACU Student Email Address (required)

Section B - Details of Unit Examination/s requiring adjustment

You must enter all details for at least one exam.

Unit Code Unit Title Date of Exam


(Important: Exam date must be more than 24hrs after the application date.)

Section C - Requirements due to a Temporary Injury or Physical Condition

Do you have a temporary physical condition or injury but you believe an examination adjustment will allow you to sit your exam in the main exam round?

In the box below, suggest the adjustments that are necessary because of your injury/condition.

For example:

  • Injury to your writing hand:
    • permission to answer the examination paper on a PC
    • 5 or 10 minutes additional writing time
  • Injury to your leg:
    • permission to sit the exam in a wheelchair accessible venue due to mobility issues (on crutches)

Reason for your application:

Attach evidence of your condition and supporting documentation justifying your adjustment:

Attach up to four (4) items here:

Note: Each file that you attach can be no larger than 3Mb. To reduce the file size, save the file with a ".jpg" extension before attaching.

Note: If you are unable to successfully attach electronic copies of supporting documentary evidence, you will need to submit those copies to the AskACU Hub on campus, along with the email confirmation you will receive after submitting this form.


PLEASE NOTE: If this application is relevant to an end of semester, central examination but it is less than 72 hours prior to the day of the relevant scheduled examination, we may not be able to accommodate your SA conditions in time. In this case, you will be required to sit a deferred examination.

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