Student Email Accounts

All ACU Students will be assigned an ACU Student Email account. Your email address and information on how to access your account is provided with your offer. You need to set up your email account during your first enrolment process.

It is a condition of your enrolment at ACU that you check your email regularly (at least once a week). Failure to do so will result in you missing important dates, deadlines and information. No waivers or consideration will be given to you if you miss important dates due to not reading your ACU Student Email.

The University uses email to communicate with students about all administrative matters. These matters may include advice/information about:

  • enrolment problems which need attention; outcomes of applications, such as for a deferred examination;
  • new services;
  • service difficulties and when the problem will be rectified
  • matters likely to affect all students or cohorts of students
  • availability of invoices and payment dates
  • the Library and ITSS.
  • penalties and sanctions, such as termination, cancellation, suspension or exclusion
  • any other information that the University deems appropriate.

You must communicate with the University on administrative matters using your ACU Student email. Emails received from personal email accounts cannot be responded to for privacy reasons.

If your email communication has not been acknowledged within 5 working days, you should either re-send the original email, telephone or visit a Student Centre. You may choose to forward your ACU Student email to a personal or work email account so you do not miss out on important information.

Further information about configuring auto-forwarding.

Page last updated: 15 Dec 2015

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