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Your ACU Card provides confirmation of your status as a student or staff member of the University and is also used for identification during examinations, borrowing from the Library, paying library fines and purchasing printing, photocopying, transcripts and other services provided by the Student Centre. Your ACU Card uses smart chip identification technology, recognised by card readers on each campus that link to a secure database which records your transactions.

Adding credit to your ACU Card

You must use your ACU Card for purchasing goods and services in the Student Centre, Library and ACU gym. Therefore you must have ‘credit’ on your ACU Card. All ACU Libraries have an EFTPOS machine which allows you to transfer funds from your savings or credit card account(s) to your ACU Card.

The transfer of funds to your ACU Card is a merchant transaction, similar to paying for goods or services in a shop. Therefore the transaction is not charged as a cash advance even when using your credit card.

Rates of fees vary across banks. This normally depends on the type of account you have and the number of ‘free’ electronic transactions you may be allowed. Speak to your bank if you are unsure or have any concerns.

Order your ACU Card

You will be able to order your 2015 ACU Card from November 2014.

Once you have accepted your offer and completed your enrolment at ACU you must follow the five simple steps below to order your ACU Card online.

  • Login using your ACU username and password.

Your username is your student number

  • Your password is your eight digit date of birth. (If you have changed your password on the ACU Network - use your updated password.)
  • Click on ‘Choose a file’ to take a webcam photo of yourself or upload a photo#.
  • Click on ‘Use this Photo’ which allows you to crop the picture.
  • Click on ‘Your Details’ to check your details and type in your ACU email address.
  • Finally select your campus* and submit.

Your ACU Card will be available for collection from your campus Student Centre within 48 hours. During Orientation Week(s) some campuses will have Student Card collection stalls. You must present photo identification when collecting your ACU Card.

*Remote/distance/online/intensive mode students

If you are a remote, distance, online or intensive mode student, follow the same process as above and select ‘online’ as your campus. Your ACU Card will then be posted to your mailing address as recorded in Student Connect. Cards cannot be posted to on campus/ mixed-mode students.


‘Happy snaps’ are not appropriate. Only recent passport-style photos (ie head and shoulders, taken against a plain, light-coloured, indoor background) will be accepted. If your uploaded photo is unsuitable, you will be advised via your ACU email to re-submit another photo.

If you are unable to order your ACU Card online, please contact the Student Centre.

Order my ACU Card

Replacement ACU Cards

ACU Cards are issued free of charge to all students at the commencement of your course.

Cards are valid for a maximum of five years, depending on the duration of your course. However, if your card expires while you are still enrolled, it will be replaced free of charge.

If your card is lost or damaged, you will be required to purchase a replacement for $20.00. If your card is stolen, and you provide a Police Report, it will be replaced free of charge.

If you require a replacement ACU Card, you must contact the Student Centre.

Replacement cards for staff will be charged back to the relevant cost centre code.

Maintenance and security of your ACU Card

Your ACU Card should be treated like cash or a credit card; keep it secure and do not give it to anyone else to use on your behalf.
DO NO bend, fold or puncture your card or subject it to heat (eg car dashboard).

PIN protect your ACU Card

You can place a PIN on your card at the EFTPOS machines. PINs are encouraged to ensure security of the funds on your card. ACU will not take any responsibility for any funds lost from cards that are not PIN protected.

Conditions of use of your ACU Card

You must carry your ACU Card with you at all times as it's your identification while you are on campus and a member of staff or security personnel can request to see your card at any time.

You may not transfer or lend your ACU card to any other person.

Page last updated: 17 Nov 2014

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